Yosohn and G Herbo, 2020 | Source: Getty Images
Yosohn and G Herbo, 2020 | Source: Getty Images

G Herbo's Son with Ari Fletcher - Facts about Yosohn

Andile Mthimkhulu
Oct 21, 2022
09:00 A.M.
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Yosohn Santana is the beloved son of famous people. G Herbo's son's life has been under the scrutiny of fans from the moment he was born, and he has made headlines numerous times.


Yosohn Santana is the eldest child of famous American rapper G Herbo and Ari Fletcher. The youngster is not the rapper's only child but one of three of the Chicago-born musician's children.

G Herbo's son's mother, Ari Fletcher, is also well-known. The multi-hyphenate is a model, social media influencer, YouTuber, and businesswoman. Yosohn's life has automatically been in the spotlight with such recognized parents.

G Herbo and Yosohn Santana Wright attend G Herbo & Southside "Swervo" Album Release Celebration on July 26, 2018, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

G Herbo and Yosohn Santana Wright attend G Herbo & Southside "Swervo" Album Release Celebration on July 26, 2018, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

The Bond between Father and Son

G Herbo and his firstborn, Yosohn Santana, seem to have a close bond. The artist's son appeared in his song "Cold World" from his latest album. G Herbo talked about his music and son on Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM in October 2022.


During the interview, the rapper revealed Yosohn's reaction to being in his album. He said his firstborn called him and asked if it was his birthday, and his dad said yes, and Yosohn said he was scared he would miss it.

He further expressed that his son said, "'It just dropped? Your birthday just dropped?' But he talking about the album... 'Your birthday just came up?'" He said Yosohn listened to the song on the TV and is a fan of his dad's music. G Herbo's son is also a fan of music and culture.


Difficulties of Shared Parenting

G Herbo has experienced difficulties co-parenting Yosohn Santana with his ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher. In April 2022, he reportedly had to deal with the drama between his son's mother and his current girlfriend, Taina Williams.

In March 2022, Ari shared a video that showed Yosohn saying he didn't want his mom to have another baby. The video went viral, and G Herbo reacted by sharing a clip where he expressed that he didn't like the idea that his child didn't want to have siblings.

Following the post, Ari also shared a video about her son's alleged abuse on her Instagram Story. According to claims made by Ari, her son Yosohn came home with a scar after visiting G Herbo and his girlfriend, Taina. She also said Yosohn told her Taina did it to him when G Herbo wasn't home and that her son was crying and Taina didn't help him, and Yosohn didn't like her.


Ari also mentioned that Yosohn told his dad what happened and that the couple didn't contact her to talk about the situation for a whole week, and G Herbo allegedly said their son was lying. Yosohn's mom said they couldn't be around her son anymore and that G Herbo never has time for their child.

G Herbo responded to the post by denying that he would ever let anyone mistreat his son. Taina Williams also shared her response to the claims that she mistreated Yosohn and denied the allegations. She said she had accepted G Herbo's son Yosohn when she started a relationship with him.

She also mentioned Ari's "hatred" towards her following her Instagram post and said she loved Yosohn. Taina ended her statement by saying she prayed Ari would find the healing she needed.


About a month later, in May 2022, Yosohn's mother was criticized for parenting after a video of the mother-of-one at a party went viral. The party had Ari's family present, and some of the people at the party were dancing seductively.

The video also showed Yosohn in the background playing with a balloon. The viral clip led to a petition which called for G Herbo to get full custody of Yosohn. Some Twitter users supported the petition, while others defended Ari.

Yosohn also ended up in the news in August 2021 after his dad shared a video looking after him and his other son Essex. G Herbo said he would take his sons to the bakery; then the video showed Yosohn, who had just finished a whole box of Oreos and wanted more. He could be seen in the hilarious video with a ring of Oreo crumbs around his mouth.


G Herbo's Other Children

Yosohn Santana has two younger siblings, who his dad welcomed with his girlfriend, Taina Williams. G Herbo's second son, Essex, was born in May 2021, and the dad shared the news on his Instagram.

G Herbo's lastborn is a baby girl born May 17, 2022. They named her Emmy Love Wright and shared the lovely news on Instagram by posting a family photo of the couple with their two kids.


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